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Family disputes

Divorce And Custody

For those parties who wish to remain cooperative as parents, who wish to divide their assets and debts fairly and equitably, and who wish to retain control over their own decisions and lives, mediation is the sane, cost-effective answer.


Ninety-five percent of the couples or ex-couples who agree to enter divorce/custody mediation successfully resolve their issues. And these agreements almost always lead to lasting, long-term solutions.


Pre-Nuptial Agreements

With the growing number of second and third marriages between financially established individuals, pre-nuptial agreements are the tool of choice when principles or heirs of family businesses marry.


Tragically however, wedding plans may explode if a couple chooses to enter the adversarial framework by initially choosing two separate attorneys to handle the matter. Deep wounds can rip apart the best of intentions if negotiations become too rigid and self-serving.


Mediation can literally save the wedding by offering the couple a safe, positive cocoon of confidentiality in which to cooperatively test ideas and reach mutually agreeable solutions to understandable financial concerns.



Extended Family Disputes

Siblings, in-laws and other extended family members seem to find conflict naturally. In these often incredibly deep-seated, complex disputes it is extremely important that a positive, pro-active approach is used and quickly!


Because of the interwoven fabric of family relationships, extended family disputes can be particularly far reaching, traumatizing numerous family members.


Not to be confused with long-term family counseling, mediation can provide a short-term intervention that can lead to lasting results. Due to the complex nature of these family disputes, we encourage you to call us directly to discuss the potential suitability of your particular dispute.