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Mediation Coaching

Many people who go through mediation feel underprepared and overwhelmed.  Often, representing attorneys do not spend the necessary time to prepare their clients for what to expect and how to conduct themselves in mediation.


This has given rise to the need for mediation coaches to work with individual parties prior to mediation in conjunction with the representing attorney.  Mediation coaches can fill in the gaps due to their experience in mediation and are usually less expensive than - but not a substitute for - legal advice.


Mediation coaches focus on how to conduct oneself and what to expect in mediation.  They can also help with strategy, ensuring that the client is focused squarely on his or her goals.  Additionally, mediation coaches can offer support an encouragement and suggestions on the less tangible issues surrounding mediation and divorce - like how to talk to children, how to address the other spouse in mediation, etc.  Where appropriate and agreeable to all parties, the mediation coach may attend the mediation session itself to offer support and guidance during the process.


If you feel your mediation preparation could benefit from the use of a mediation coach, contact us to discuss your particular case.