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Resolving Conflict in the

Work Place
(3-12 hours)


Increasingly, organizations are resorting to the use of Mediation and other forms of alternative dispute resolution to resolve internal and external disputes.


Through role play and discussion, Stein will introduce the principles of Mediation as a tool to resolve disputes, explore applications for its use, and give an overview of the spectrum of conflict resolution techniques.


Sample Agenda


Dealing with Irate
(3 hours)


It seems that the general public is getting more unruly and less respectful every year.


With more pressures at home and less time to do what needs to be done, customers appear to have shorter fuses and less respect for those who deal with them in the business world.


In this participatory workshop, Stein extends the skills he has developed mediating thousands of disputes to those who have to deal with the more tense and potentially explosive situations that irate customers/employees present. Participants will learn practical skills on how to better deal with the public on its worst behavior.



Black/White: Communication
Styles in Conflict

(3 hours)


Culturally, African-American and Anglo-American communication styles differ dramatically.


However, due to a lack of information and experience, few people of either group understand the communication patterns and norms of the other.


This dramatic seminar, presented by Mediation First consultants Mark Stein and George Harrison, will highlight the different communication styles of each racial group and examine why misunderstandings and conflicts are a natural outgrowth of these differences.


Attendees of this workshop will gain a new understanding of how to deal with communication styles of a racial group other than their own.